For us, living nature means respecting it, protecting it and enjoying it, in its many shapes and colors.
This is how the FashionNature project was born: the idea of wearing organic and natural fabrics, without chemical additives and synthetic fibers, meets the beauty of nature in all its manifestations.
Thanks to the photographic archive of Walter Silvestrini, graphic designer, and to the collaboration with many national and international photographers, nature finds its place on your body, giving wellness and beauty.

Each FashioNature T-shirt tells a different story.

Each of our T-shirts is born from the desire to explore distant landscapes and to tell about animals that have always fascinated us.

The stories of Fashionature are written and lived through the photographic shots of important national and international photographers, who are part of our community and who express their love for nature with the photographic narration of the micro-macro worlds of our planet.

Our creations tell of harmony with all living beings belonging to the plant and animal world.

Knowing means making our positive impact on the planet.

Choosing a natural style is no longer just a trend, but a real more conscious way of life, for your own well-being and for the protection of our planet. Take part too, wear nature in all its comfortable and explosive beauty.