Fotografa Tatiana Gonnason

Tatiana Gonnason

Ocean is my passion, love and obsession.
I was born to parents from Romania and Ukraine. I received my Masters Degree in Marine Engineering in Odessa, Ukraine. I am fluent in 4 languages. I studied Economics and Event Management in Poland and Germany.
Since moving to the United States, I have been commuting between Hawaii and Alaska, and traveling to French Polynesia, Fiji and Tonga. Travel and adventure have always been part of my life.
It all started with an apnea/free diving class in Hawaii and a fascination with the Underwater World of Wonders.
My passion for underwater photography grew to be my professional life. Friends find it funny that I spend more time underwater than on dry land!
Underwater photography requires theory, a lot of patience, knowledge about aquatic life behavior and of course a little bit of luck. All photos are taken during apnea/free diving – only holding my breath with no air tanks.
This way the more slowly and non-threatening you dive, the more you are part of the environment, and your chances of experiencing fascinating or unexpected encounters are increased.
When asked about my favorite destination, I would say it is difficult to say because sometimes the most interesting encounters may be experienced at my home reef, alone and undisturbed, watching an octopus for hours until it becomes accustomed to me, comes out and shows it’s colors, then the real magic happens as it reaches out one of its arms and taps my hand!
Of course, swimming with humpbacks whales and their babies in Tonga is also an extraordinary experience!
I feel blessed being able to do what I love the most, spending time in the Deep Blue Ocean, to see the amazing beauty of our underwater world and share this with others through my underwater photography.