Deepak Shankar

Deepak Shankar is a professional wildlife photographer, big cat tracker and a businessman based in Bangalore. Deepak is a post graduate in business administration. He is the CEO of print360 Bangalore and he makes time to pursue his passion for wildlife photography. He also helps photographers in India to bring their photos to life on a canvas at print360. His passion for wildlife began in 2009 and has only increased with time. He hosts specialized guided tours to Africa and India.
Over the past years, his work has been published online in several national and international newspapers, magazines and blogs. To stay updated and see Deepak’s most recent work, you can follow him on Instagram ( and Facebook or visit the Social Media page on his website.
His love for Maasai Mara has lead him to Africa multiple times. He is widely associated with locals and camps in Kenya. He also widely travels the forests of India and other countries.
Deepak is also nominated to win the Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer Award for 2019.
Deepak’s fine art prints are also available for purchase.