Fashionature the T-shirts
that respect nature Animal Free LAV
organic cotton

T-shirt cotone biologico T-shirt bio Animal free fashionature t-shirt made with no animaldelivered materials

For you who love sustainable,
beautiful and fashionable clothing made of organic cotton


Clothing that respects animals, the environment, nature and consumer health.

You will be interested to know that Fashionature does not use fur, feathers, leather, silk, wool and any material of animal origin in its products and clothing.

This allowed us to be part of the Animal free project which promotes 100% animal friendly fashion and which established the “AFF Rating”, the first ethical rating for the evaluation of companies based on the non-use of materials of animal origin.

By renouncing the use of fur, feathers, silk, leather, wool, the company reaches the corresponding evaluation: V, VV, VVV, VVV +

Fashionature has obtained the Animal free Fashion certification from the LAV – Anti Vivisection League (NGO) and has obtained the maximum VVV + rating.

Look for the Animal free brand and you too prefer all those companies that commit themselves as Fashionature to respect the environment and animals!

Surely you can not help but know that there are garments with certifications that can give you the security of choosing products without toxic substances to wear.

You also promote nature and help create an ethical and positive impact on the well-being of the planet.


Choose only fabrics that have organic cotton certifications OEKO-TEX® come Fashionature.