Wear a feeling,
an experience, an emotion,
wear a moment, a story

The Fashionature T-shirt (ˈfaSHənāCHər) project was born from my desire to spread Love to Nature through my photographic archive.

My photos tell you incredibly small worlds, made of complex geometric structures, iridescent metallic colors, graphic textures and surfaces barely perceptible to the naked eye, which inspire the collections of tee-shirts, wallpapers, decor trends for home design where nature meet glamor with style. [/ vc_column_text]

Fashionature T-shirts are not just a simple piece of clothing, but a real green lifestyle, for fashion lovers, naturelovers and for those who, like us, have become a Fashionaturelovers.
It is not necessary to climb the peaks of the Alps, nor to challenge the stormy ocean, to find oneself at the foot of an erupting volcano.

Wear Fashionature, close your eyes, imagine primordial landscapes, incredibly small and immensely extraordinary worlds imagine nature and wear it!